Opened letter to those hysterical Pattinson fans:

I’ve written this so many times: just leave him alone! Really, it’s beginning to make people sick and honestly, everytime I see those  pictures I just feel nauseaus. It’s not healthy for none of us: not for him (surely), not for you, and not for us, the so-called-normal-fans. I have nothing against being hysteric but once it bothers someone else, well, then it’s just no good.

You know that I’m right…


Pattinson is just a boy really like every other boy, the main difference is that he makes movies and plays characters and sings songs. And I do agree with you in the part that he’s really cute, but most of all he’s really brilliant for what he does. And I don’t think he enjoys Twilight projection that much, not when you do the things you’ve been doing to him…

I just think that one day he’ll just probably go to London and hide there for good. So don’t become more pathetic than what you’ve already have. ‘Cause one thing I’m sure of: he won’t be remembering you for the best of reasons… that is if he remembers you stupid girls at all!

P.S. I didn’t know about the cab incident when I wrote this. Now I’m just mad… he’s just a guy, for the love of God!



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